Ways to save energy in the bathroom

For a small room, there’s a lot of energy being used. Check out our top tips to help you get back in control. Or if you’re looking for fast fun, try out our energy saving game!

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Shorter showers

If you spend a few minutes less in the shower each day you will save energy and reduce water use! Plus fitting flow restrictors or AAA water saving shower heads will make a big difference.

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Do you need the hot tap?

Avoid using small amounts of hot water if cold water will do. Each time you run the hot tap a litre or more of heated water goes cold in the pipes.

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Check the thermostat

Check your hot water cylinder thermostat is set at 60°C as this is the minimum recommended storage temperature. Anything higher may be costing you up to 40% more on your energy costs.

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Check those seals

Make sure you fix the seals and washers on dripping taps. A hot water tap dripping once a second for a day can waste enough hot water for an extra person.

Every home is different.

Making small energy changes can make a big difference. There is so much more help and advice about energy efficiency or tips on heating and cooling on our website.

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Or use the energy calculator to find out how much you are using and where, and estimate what your next bill might be.

A little about the calculator

Our energy calculator will give you an idea of what areas in your home are the biggest electricity users.

It takes around 5-10 minutes to complete depending on your usage choices. Before you start, please read the disclaimer as it’s important to remember that every home is different and our energy calculator tool is a guide only.

We hope the results inspire you to be more energy wise!

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*Sample result for 4 person, 3 bedroom home over winter period (estimated bill $1,200)